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As many of you know we live a pretty busy life. As wedding photographers, music teachers, and of course our important roles of husband/wife as well as mommy/daddy to our sweet two year old. How do we fit everything in?

We have everything pretty scheduled out down to Max time and no work during dinner time. Well Courtney does anyways. Robert is particularly good at working while doing other things. We use a block schedule system so our Simplified Planner is PERFECT for organizing our days. It has an hourly section so I can put all of our daily todos on one side and fit them into the hours on the other.

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Our Daily Schedule


6:00-7:00 Wake up and get ready for the day (Courtney checks emails and Robert posts our already scheduled instagram post.)

7:00-7:30 Robert heads to school. We take turns dropping Max off in the morning! It is nice and works for us!


8:15-3:45 Robert and I are both at school during this time teaching away! Some days we stay over and sometimes we go early but for the most part that is the main chunk of the day!


4:00-5:00 Robert normally picks Max up so Courtney comes up and tackles all of the things on the business todo list. Making lists helps things get done as quickly as possible! We also schedule TONS of our blog posts and social media posts to help us use our time wisely later!

5:00-6:00 Dinner/ Max time and NO business work. This is hard… really hard. Staying away from the phone, facebook, instagram etc. is not easy but so important so we try really hard to stick to it.


6:00-7:30 This time varies A LOT. Often times Robert will have a rehearsal or meeting in the evenings. Sometimes, one night a week, my mom will come over and hang out with Max so I can really tackle a larger business todo list. Other times we spend this time watching a movie together, cleaning up the house, or just hanging out! Sometimes in my planner this time literally says MAX.

7:30-8:30 Somewhere in this time frame Max and I read before bed. We always read at least 3 books although it seems to be more and more lately. We lay in our bed to read, say a prayer, and sing out song before bed. We sing a song that I used to sing with my grandma every night. He is now saying some of the words as we go and this is for sure my favorite part of the day. When we are done, Robert carries him upstairs, tells him goodnight, and tucks him into bed.

8:30-9:30 If we have things to finish on the todo list then this is when it gets done. Then we do our “5 minute pick up” Thank you Emily Ley for this genius suggestion! We go around the house and pick things up, wipe down the counters, and make sure the house is fresh for the next morning. It makes every day feel ready for the next day and keeps our house from getting out of control with clutter!

After this we finish up any other tasks  on the todo list and head to bed. I enjoy reading before bed but let’s be real it is normally following one too many minutes spent scrolling facebook and instagram.

Thanks for Reading

If you made it this far I hope you found some ideas on how to get everything done even working a full time job. The hustle is real but we do find balance. I have certain days of the week were I focus on just the business, school, and family during the evening so we can balance it all out too! There are many other things we do to keep things balanced but maybe that is for another blog post. To learn more about us check out our 17 Random facts about The Cannons HERE.


Day in the Life

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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