Megan and Nic are Married at Walsh and Firestone Country Club

Megan and Nic are Married at Walsh University and Firestone Country Club Wedding

Megan and Nic met 4 years, one month, and now a few days ago at Megan’s sister’s wedding at Walsh University in Canton, Ohio. Their ceremony was officiated by the same priest who married Megan’s sister and Nic’s friend and he mentioned the sweet story during their ceremony. Later in the evening, at their Firestone Country Club reception, Megan’s sister mentioned looking across the room at the two of them on HER wedding day and seeing what a great time they were having together! They hit it off on day one and four years later here they were!

The Weather!

We spent the whole week praying the rain would hold off and as we got closer to the big day it went from 100% down to 70, then to 60% and eventually on the day of it seemed to space out perfectly based on exactly what we had planned all along. It is kind of amazing how that works out. We were so thankful for a beautiful day at Firestone Country Club with an equally beautiful couple and a huge bridal party that was equally as kind and full of excitement for the bride and groom.


Our Favorite Moments!

  1. The Families speeches were by far some of my favorites!

They had me in tears and as we drove home even Robert said that Megan’s dads speech made him really think about the future with a little girl. Her dad told the story of when Nic took him to dinner and asked to take Megan’s hand in marriage. It is truly evident that Nic cherishes Megan and as another person mentioned, treats her like a queen, so I’m sure the decision wasn’t too hard. But paired with a story of the day they brought Megan home and I have no doubt that many of the guests were tearing up! 2.

       2. The Disney Details!

Nic and Megan are Disney lovers and it was quickly easy to see that the love stemmed from Megan’s family! From the table names being Disney couples, to the best guest entrance song ever, and my favorite; Megan’s sisters closing set of marriage advice made up of Disney quotes! It was so cute, yet done in the classiest of ways! Oh, the entrance song was Be Our Guest! How fun is that?

       3. Megan’s shoes.

Nic left Megan a sweet surprise on the bottom of her shoes and she didn’t even know! He wrote her a sweet note that she found when she took her shoes off for detail photos! How thoughtful is that!

       4. The Baked Goods!

You may have read in their engagement session post that Megan and Nic own a local bakery, Bakery Creations. Let me tell you, I am a major sweets lover and guys, they are AMAZING!!!! They not only made their own wedding cake but they also made a whole table full of cupcakes and other yummy goodies.

      5. All of the details!

The rings were perfection, her invitation was delicate and simply beautiful, and she wore her grandmother’s bracelet. Sometimes the simplest of things truly create the vision of a wedding day and it was placed together flawlessly. We loved photographing portraits on the beautiful grounds of Firestone Country Club again in Akron, Ohio!


The Marriage Advice “Disney” Style written by Mandy, Megan’s Sister

Megan and Nic…. Marriage is “A whole new world” “Sometimes the right path is not the
easiest one”. “All it takes is faith and trust” “Love means putting others needs before
yours” “You must be true to your heart” “When the moment is right confess your love”
“Kiss the girl”

“Giving up is for rookies “Ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them”

“Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind” “Always let your conscious
be your guide”. Work together “To infinity and beyond”. When life gets you down and
you don’t know what to do, “Just keep swimming”. “Hakuna Matata – it means no
worries” Remember, “Some people are worth melting for”.

“So this is love” “Love is a song that never ends” “Believe in ever after” “For it is plain as anyone can see, Megan
and Nic are simply meant to be” “I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you” two. Today
is truly the “Best day ever”.

And now we would like to raise a toast to our beautiful sister Megan and her new
husband Nic…. To love, laughter and happily ever after……Congratulations!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Mandy!!! 

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The Vendor Team

Photographer: The Cannons Photography

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel – Walsh University

Reception Venue: Firestone Country Club

Florals: Ashley’s Floral, LLC

Bakery: Bakery Creations

Invitation: Brittany Nicole Designs

DJ: On the Mic Entertainment

Make-up Artist: Carina Calabrese

Hair: AW Salon

Dress: Annabelle Bridal Shoppe

Tux: Ticknor’s

Linens: Sitting Pretty Linens

Videographer: Vows to Video

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