Allison Hopkins Photography | The Graceful Gathering Speaker

Allison Hopkins Photography | The Graceful Gathering Speaker

Positively impacting your client’s life for generations to come.

The Graceful Gathering  is a fully styled boutique conference specializing in education for wedding photographers. From the moment your couples discover you to years after you capture their wedding your ideal couple becomes a greater part of your community through the experience that you provide! Join us in walking through the development of your experience, workflow, and marketing techniques through this two day workshop!

This year’s attendees will learn from 10-12  different educators whose hearts desire is to share their knowledge with fellow photographers. Attendees will learn how to classify their ideal client, how to market to that ideal client while also making sure every couple has an heirloom album at the end of their experience.

We can’t wait to help you positively impact your couple’s lives for generations to come.

Interview with Allison Hopkins

1. Can you tell us a little more about your business and how you serve your couples?

I’m Allison and I’m the owner of Allison Hopkins Photography! My focus is mainly weddings and lifestyle sessions with a colorful, warm aesthetic. I also own a separate pet photography business called Allison Elizabeth Pet Photography. The best way I serve my couples is by creating and experience that’s fun and laidback. I’m super informal and want my couples to view our relationship as a friendship rather than a business transaction.

2. We would love to hear a little bit about how you moved your business! What do you think most contributed to a smooth move?

 Absolutely! I moved back to Cleveland (I grew up in Hinckley, OH) in June of 2018 from Bennington, Vermont. I knew several months ahead of time that I would need to do some very strategic planning in order to build my business in Cleveland, so I wrote out ALL of my ideas out on a piece of notebook paper. Everything from doing market research to building a sound marketing plan was included. One of the best things I did was travel home to Cleveland in May prior to the move. I had done a model call for Cleveland couples and photographed over 40 couples all over the city. I was able to ramp up my content and SEO while building strong relationships with new couples and friends. Not only did I end up booking several weddings from these sessions, I also have stayed in touch with many of the couples and continue to build our friendships. I was able to exceed my goal for 2019 with 30 weddings booked. 

3. How often do you use FB ads to attract brides to your website?

I am a big fan of Facebook ads and use them year-round! There are a ton of different ways you can use FB ads (ex: brand awareness, funnels, giveaways, etc.) and I use different campaigns throughout the year. The best part is that the data is very clear, so I can tell right away what is working and what isn’t. You should definitely ask me about “the hotdog photo”.

4. Do you use any other types of advertising?

 Yep! I have worked very hard on my SEO since before I even moved here and I put content out as much as I can on a consistent basis. Having a high ranking on Google is HUGE when it comes to booking and receiving consistent inquiries throughout the year. Additionally, I am intentional about building a fabulous experience for each couple I work with. When their experience is amazing, m

5. What is one tidbit of insight you can give to anyone trying to advertise their wedding photography business?

Take 5 minutes with a piece of paper to brainstorm what makes your business different. It seems super simple, but it is so important when it comes time to advertise your business. Whether you are trying to create an intriguing IG bio or working on your first FB ad, being real and spelling out exactly what makes you unique will be the way your golden ticket to new couples.

Giveaway: Win a 1:1 coaching session with Allison about anything and everything FB ads! Enter to win on instagram at @thegracefulgathering


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