Making the Most out of Attending a Conference

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Attending a conference is often a big investment and one that is so worthwhile if you go in prepared and ready to make the most of it.

Graceful Gathering Conference for Photographers

As conference host for The Graceful Gathering, a style boutique conference for photographers we feel that it’s so important to come prepared ready to hit the ground running when you attend a conference. Here are a few tips that we think make a huge difference and impact on your overall experience and help you to be successful after you leave.

Our top six tips for attending a conference

1. Bring your favorite pen with you.

While we will of course provide a beautiful pen for you to use there’s just something special about having your very favorite with you. If you like to use highlighters, little flags or things to help you organize your notebooks bring those too! Anything that is going to help you take better notes will allow you to write down more information and then implement it later too.

2. Wear is something that makes you feel confident.

I’m not here to say that you have to get all dressed up in your beautiful dress and perfect designer shoes by any means but when you’re in a room full of people (some of which that you have never met before) you may want to wear something that makes you feel really good about yourself. Take a moment to look through your closet and find pieces that make you feel like your truest version of you, so that you can enjoy the day and be confident when you say hello to the person next to you.

3. Say hello to the people around you.

Make a goal to meet at least 3 to 5 people each day. Creating new friendships and networking is the most important part about attending a conference in our opinion. There’s tons of education, there’s tons of opportunities for portfolio building but there is nothing that is stronger than a solid new relationship. Don’t be afraid to say hello and don’t be afraid to share who you are, where you’re at in your business, what your goals are. Figure out how you can truly impact each other’s lives.

The Graceful Conference for Wedding Photographers Ohio Venue

4.  Make a running to-do list as you listen to various sessions.

As you have ideas pop up in your head make sure you write them down! Don’t wait to write them down later, write them down right away when they pop into your head. I like to put this to-do list on the last three pages of my notebook so that it’s all in the same book where I was keeping my notes but I can easily access it when I get home.

5. Go back through that list and highlight things that are top priority when you get home.

Once you are home, revisit your list and highlight what you can do right away and then make time to do the other ones we highly recommend by getting a quarterly calendar and setting aside dates for those larger goals.

6. Take the notes!

Be sure to write everything down as you’re learning it and go back to those freebies that the educators offered. Take full advantage of all of the education that was just poured into you. That way when you go back to your list, you know what you were talking about. Then you can make sense of all of your notes, your to-do’s and you can hit the ground running!

If you were looking for a conference to go to you, we absolutely love the space that we have created.

The community has come together full of truly kind hearted wedding photographers at The Graceful Gathering and we would love for you to reach out and ask any questions that you might have. We encourage you to see if it is a great fit for you! If you’re going to another conference this year…we hope to see you there and we cannot wait to see the growth that it provides for your business!

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How To Get The Most Out of Attending A Conference

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