Every bride dreams of her gorgeous wedding day and it typically doesn’t include rain even though rain is said to be lucky on your wedding day. In many cases perfect photo locations have been selected and the majority of them are supposed to be outside so when the forecast says rain it can add to the stress of wedding planning. We have photographed some of our favorite weddings on rainy days. Sometimes the rain will break for a moment but other times it wont so we have to come up with a plan B.

Here are a few tips for you regarding rain on your wedding day.

  1. Trust your photographer.
    • When it comes to providing our couples with gorgeous pictures light always comes first when finding the perfect location. After light is background so while it is raining we may not be able to go to the gardens but we may just find the perfect covered space that still allows us to use beautiful natural light for your portraits. It is also very common that a space may not look very appealing to everyone but can look simply gorgeous in camera and in your photos. If we suggest a location that we think will work it is because we know what you have seen in our portfolio and we think it is the best spot to get your dream images for you. Trust us, you will likely be very surprised with what we can do with what may appear to be just an “OK” location. We always have your best interest in mind and want you to have beautiful photos of your wedding day rain or shine.
  2. Umbrellas
    • Planning ahead is always helpful in any situation. We have 10 clear umbrellas from a few of our rainy weddings and we keep them in the trunk so we always have them with us if we need them. If you have a certain color you would like or even a fun pattern that works with the look of your day get them ahead of time so you have them. If you don’t need them either keep the receipts or give them as part of your bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts. I don’t know about you, but I am always in need of an umbrella.
  3. Shoes/ Boots
    • If you know it is going to rain it may be a good idea to throw some rain boots or even simple flip flops in your bag for the day. Having something that will make your feet getting wet a little less annoying is always helpful. Unless you have a short dress we likely wont be able to see your shoes in most of your pictures anyways so this will make the experience a little more comfortable. Super cute rain boots can add a cute touch to your wedding attire too!
  4. Looking ahead
    • Knowing there is a gazebo down the road, a building with a beautiful drive through drop off, or even a back road over pass is always helpful. Think out of the box and scout ahead of time if you are visiting your venue. If we know there is even a small chance of rain we will arrive early to location scout too! ( No worries! =) )
  5. Be Flexible with Timing
    1. We had one wedding in 2016 that waiting over 30 minutes for the rain to go away before starting their outdoor ceremony. Their flexibility in the timeline allowed for them to have their dream wedding and they didn’t have to use the backup plan. At another rainy day wedding we noticed a pause in the rain so we quickly asked the couple if minded heading outside for a short portrait session and we ended up with some beautiful photos with a short 10 minute session while the rain held off.
  6. Embrace it with a smile
    1. Last but certainly not least. Don’t let it get to you. Smile and enjoy this special day! I promise we will be sure to provide you with images of your beautiful memories!


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