Rivercrest Farm Anniversary Session

Rivercrest Farm Anniversary Session

Rivercrest Farm Wedding Photographers

Last week we returned to Rivercrest Farm in Dover, Ohio for an adventurous anniversary session. Emily and Mike will be celebrating their one year anniversary this Sunday, August 4th. What better place to capture their love then where they said I DO. We had the oppertunity to go down to the bridge, up on the hill, and even had our most memorable photo adventure yet!

We started our evening by applying lots and lots of insect repellent. It was a good thing we did because when we walked down to the bridge they were BAD. Really bad. Thank you for that Deanna! The repellent quickly became Robert’s running joke for the evening. He ended by saying that it clearly also kept the cattle away. Boy are we glad that it did.. well kinda.

We were wrapping things up when we asked Emily and Mike if they were serious about seeing if we could get the Scottish Highland Cattle in some of their portraits. They were on board and the owner, Deanna had already offered so off we went!

Scottish Highland Cattle Adventure

We all hopped on the the gator and over to the field we went. Deanna opened the fence and we made our way up the steep hill to where most of the cattle were grazing. They were quickly interested in what was going on and why we were coming up for a visit. Deanna often feeds them but for whatever reason they were slightly caught off guard this time. A few of the cattle started walking towards us when the biggest one, Jack ran right up to us. Jack was using his head to press on the gator (larger “golf cart”) as we were still angled on the steep hill. He quickly went around us and almost hit Robert in the head with his giant horns. We managed to get on the other side of all of them but they were blocking the only exit back down the hill. Deanna suggested that we try getting out to get a few pictures so we slowly climbed out and quickly jumped back in when they started coming towards us again. Remember, there was no fence in between us and them.

Deanna saw an opening and we quickly road down the hill and out of the fence as Jack chased closely behind. She managed to jump out and close the fence and the rest of the heard followed Jack down the hill. Then the magic happened. We were able to capture all of these images with the whole heard of cattle right behind us.

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Rivercrest Farm in Dover, Ohio


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