January 13, 2020

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Wedding Photographer Gifting Ideas

We have been dreaming for years to bring our two worlds of education and photography together. As music teachers and photographers we have a heart for teaching and obviously a love for photography! So today we are kicking off an exciting new series to share with fellow photographers. Be on the look out for some guest bloggers too!

When to Gift Your Couples

We are going to start with one of our favorite topics, gifting. Gifting is 100% my (Courtney’s) love language! I love giving people meaningful gifts and we are always thinking of new ways that we can spoil our couples and remind them that we are thinking of them and excited to celebrate! There are multiple times throughout the wedding photography¬† experience that are perfect for sending a little something to your couples!

  1. When they meet with you!
  2. When they are officially booked!
  3. On special holidays. (We like Valentine’s Day and Christmas)
  4. A month before the wedding!
  5. On the Wedding day!
  6. Following the wedding!
  7. Spontaneous Surprises!

What to Gift Your Couples

Here are a few ideas of meaningful items that you can gift your couples! We also compiled a list of our top 15 favorite gift ideas for couples! If you would love to see more ideas sign up below for this awesome freebie!

  1. A Client Wedding Guide Magazine
  2. A Christmas Ornament
    • One of our favorite gifts of the year is sending a Christmas ornament to both our newly married couples and our engaged couples! There is something so special about pulling out your ornaments each year and remembering the joy of year’s past! What better way to be a part of that joy than to gift a personalized ornament!
  3. Items that Represent YourBrand
    • Do you spend a lot of time talking about how much you love cupcakes? Our couples know that if they are meeting us in our home that they will be enjoying cupcakes and lemonade! Whether it is a gift at your first meeting, when you meet before their wedding, or just a quick gift card with a “I’m thinking of you” a treat that they can connect to you with is great too!
  4. Date Night Items
    • These can be big or small! Maybe it is a Starbucks gift card for a night out together, a gift card to see a movie, or you could even send them a copy of your favorite movie complete with a bag of popcorn and box of candy of course!

We hoped this helped you brainstorm some ideas that will be awesome for your couples! If you would like to see a list of 10 other items be sure to sign up to receive our FREE TOP 10 GIFTS for your COUPLES!

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