Education for Photographers | Creating a Personalized Experience

Creating a Personalized Experience | Education for Photographers

It is week two of sharing tips for photographers and we couldn’t be more excited for the awesome feedback that we have already received from so many of you! Today we are sharing a few tips to get photographers started as they tweak and design a personalized experience for their couples who are getting married! Step one is really having an understand of just what all goes into the experience. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a lot! Every moment your couples talks to you and doesn’t talk to you is part of their experience. From the moment couples hear your name or view your work to years after they are married. It is all a part of your personal experience as a wedding photographer!

Why Create a Personal Experience?

There are a lot of wedding photographers. I’m talking hundreds just in a small area. When you scroll through local hashtags you will quickly see that many of them have stunning work that may even resemble yours especially to an untrained eye. With that being said, we need something to make us different. I like to think that most photographers are kind to their couples so being kind is simply not always enough. Instead we create a one of a kind experience that is designed with our ideal clients in mind. (More on ideal clients another day.) So let’s get started and begin the process of either creating or tweaking your client experience!

 Included in the Experience?

If you’re wanting to create an incredible experience for your couples start by evaluating how you approach every step of your communication. Here are a few steps to consider!

  1. Website
    • Does your website showcase who YOU are in order to attract couples who will mesh well with you? This is step one to creating a truly personalized experience!
  2. Contact Form 
    • Do you ask for details that allow you to connect with your couples in your very first response to them?
  3. Inicial Email 
    • Is your email template so set in stone that there is nothing personal about it? This is such an exciting time for a bride and a standard response can quickly feel robotic. Always be sure to include at least one or two connections that you found you share with the couple. Maybe you love their color scheme or have been dreaming of photographing their venue. Make it personal!
  4. Meeting Setting 
    • Does your meeting location smell like fresh baked cookies, showcase your gorgeous work, and have sweet music in the background?
  5. Client Questionnaires
    • What do you ask your couples? Do you have any way to know more about them and their stories?

We hope this helps you start to brain storm new ways to create an experience that is personal to you and your ideal couples. Check out our 7 AREAS to ENHANCE YOUR CLIENT EXPERIENCE freebie for even more tips below!


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