The Graceful Gathering with Kirkbrides of Cleveland, Ohio

The Graceful Gathering with Kirkbrides of Cleveland, Ohio

We are beyond excited to announce that The Graceful Gathering Styled Shoot Experience will be designed by non other than Cleveland’s amazing planner, Kirkbrides! If you’ve been following along you may have read that we will be having not one but two styled shoots as part of the conference! The first shoot will be on Day One and will be included in the ticket for every attendee. But the second shoot on day two is an add on that is available to ONLY 15 of our attendees.

We will be all hands on deck side by side with Jayna, one of Kirkbrides amazing planners! Read below to hear a little bit of a sneak peek into what the shoot is going to be all about! We just love what she has already pieced together for us and can’t wait to see it continue to evolve into something amazing!

Our Interview with Jayna of Kirkbrides Wedding Planning and Design

Can you share a small piece of inspiration for the shoot you’ll be designing at The Graceful Gathering?

The name of the conference itself speaks volumes to me! When thinking of the word graceful, I imagine flowy chiffon textiles, soft neutral colors, and loose elegant florals. When envisioning a gathering I see friends and family all around a large table with old world style touches such as mixed metal goblets and dinnerware. I want to bring to life a truly “graceful gathering”.


What is one tip that you love to share with brides?

Something that every bride hears is “the day will go by in the blink of an eye” which is most certainly true but I think it is more meaningful to share with them the importance of spending even just 2-3 minutes alone with your new spouse. Whether it be through the first look and allowing yourselves time before guests and family arrive or sneaking away somewhere private. Allow yourself time to just close your eyes, hold hands, and embrace this moment you’ve been waiting for your entire life!


Since this conference is for wedding photographers, as a planner what is one thing you love when wedding photographers do? Maybe it is part of the experience, their overall demeanor, or capturing something special?

Communication is key! I love when I can make a photographer’s job easier and they can make mine easier by clearly communicating what the client’s needs are and our timeline of the day by replying to emails or phone calls in a timely manner.  I also love the photographer who takes charge of those seemingly daunting family photos. It is crucial to get through them as efficiently as possible and by simply having a list of family members names or even giving out group numbers to family ahead of time can ensure the day runs on time!


What do you love most about the world of weddings?

I love that no day is ever the same! Yes, I may be at the same venue 5 times in one year but every bride, groom, theme, vendor list, family dynamic, budget, style, etc. are all unique. Having been in the hospitality industry for over 12 years and working for many different restaurants where you interact with different people every day has definitely kept me on my toes and made me appreciate this industry that much more!


Did you always know you wanted to be a wedding planner?

Not always, I’d say my top three jobs growing up were zoo keeper, wedding planner, and math teacher. When it came time to look at colleges, I knew I had a love for math so I thought I would turn that passion into a career as a High School Math Teacher. I often had days in college where I would still envision that “dream” job of being a wedding planner but always told myself it wasn’t a realistic path. After graduation, I spent my time as a private math tutor while working full-time restaurant jobs. Fast forward to helping plan my best friend’s, sister-in-laws, and my own wedding and finally coming to the realization that wedding planning is my true passion! I never wanted to be that person who when asked what their dream job would be, their answer would be different from their career. I thought, “Why couldn’t I do what I have always dreamed of?” I then applied at Kirkbrides and the rest is history!



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