February 10, 2020

The Graceful Gathering Speaker | Columbus Wedding Photographer, Stephanie Lynn Kase


The Graceful Gathering Speaker | Columbus Wedding Photographer, Stephanie Lynn Kase

Interview with Stephanie Kase Photography

Check out this adorable interview with Stephanie Kase! We are so pumped for her to be speaking not once, but twice at The Graceful Gathering! She is seriously the sweetest and we just adore her heart for her couples! It is going to be so so amazing!

How has your business transformed throughout the years?

I originally started shooting weddings my senior year of high school (crazy, right?! I was a baby!). I became OBSESSED with all things weddings and knew that wedding photography was for me. I read every free blog post and YouTube video I could get my hands on, until one month, I assisted a couple of weddings in Texas (of all places!). I was instantly HOOKED. I couldn’t believe I actually got to photograph real bridal shoes and a real bride and groom. The following year after I moved to Ohio, Stephanie Kase Photography as born!

The first 4 years of shooting weddings, I focused primarily on serving my couples well and building a strong foundation for my business. I built it part time while I was attending college for a degree in marketing. Since graduating from Ohio State in May of 2019, I have been full time with my business!

This past year in running my business full speed ahead has been incredible. I have also had the capacity to dive deeper into education and offering more resources for other photographers. I love serving photographers who are a couple years into their businesses and have the basics down, but want the tools to take it to the next level and grow a profitable wedding photography business that gives them a sense of freedom.

What is your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

Ahhh, just ONE part?! This is so hard. I think it would be seeing my couples at the end of their experience being just SO grateful for everything. It makes the hours of hard work completely worth it. I love using my business as not just a way to take pretty photos for my couples, but to truly give them an experience where they gain a FRIEND in the process. This is super important to me, and why I only take on 10-15 weddings per year! I love being a huge resource for my couples where they can ask any questions as they are wedding planning, as well as encourage them that marriage ROCKS and is totally worth it!

Can you tell us a little bit about your education as a wedding photographer? 

Yes, OF COURSE!! Like I mentioned, I offer education primarily for photographers who are at least one or two years in, but need the extra resources to grow their businesses past knowing how to shoot and edit. I LOVE sharing about more advanced photography tips, such as how to strategically and beautifully style wedding details! I’ve really dived into educating on that and even offer an online course on it!

I also LOVE chatting all things business and marketing. It’s truly a passion of mine because you have to have a thriving business to be a photographer sustainably. It’s so awesome to see light bulbs go off and to walk people through how to build a business that stands out in a saturated market. Not only that, but a photography business that attracts their ideal clients and allows them to build a business that gives them a sense of freedom and flexibility.

I’ve heard you love styling details! Can you share with us a little bit of your why behind them? 

Of COURSE! I love details for SO many reasons, and not just because they’re pretty! They really do preserve the details and memories for our couples. I don’t think we realize enough just how much brides AGONIZE over the tiniest of details… things that might not seem important to us, but that they spent SO much time putting together. I know when I planned my wedding, I spent HOURS thinking about what shoes I was going to wear or what my place settings were going to look like!

It’s incredibly important that we take on the responsibility to be prepared to photograph details WELL and beautifully in a way that goes above and beyond for our couples! Not only that, but it serves the other VENDORS well too. Photos of wedding details is one of the biggest ways you can network with other vendors! By giving other vendors (who spent countless hours working that wedding with you!) our images, we serve them SO well and it gives us a sweet opportunity to connect. Besides these two main reasons, knowing how to photograph details well allows you to develop your creative eye as a photographer and gives you a higher chance of being published in an online publication or magazine!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I LOVE hanging out with my hubby, Michael, He’s my best friend! We were married in July of 2017 at Oak Grove at Jorgensen Farms at the young ages of 20 and 21. It was one of the BEST decisions of my life, his support means the world to me! He encourages me and motivates me to keep going, even when it’s hard. I also love cuddling my adorable fluffy dog, Ember. She’s a Sheepadoodle and is the biggest goofball and lovable sweetheart wrapped up into one pup! I also am a huge fan of Jesus, and love following Him. He’s the reason why I have this business in the first place! One of my biggest obsessions is chai lattes. Seriously, it’s crazy how much I love them!


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