The Graceful Gathering Educator and Videographer | Ashley McComb

If you are a bride and stumbled upon this post you are in the right place because Ashley is our go to girl when it comes to videography! Her heart is golden and her talent is unmeasurable! Seriously her videos seem to just get better and better and the first one started off as awesome! Just out our interview below to read about just how wonderful she is! Then sign up on @thegracefulgathering for today’s giveaway! Be sure to check back tomorrow too! Today = edible cookie dough & Tomorrow = Chick-fil-a !!!! As I say to Max, what what!

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1. What brought you into the world of video?

Growing up with a video recorder and two brothers, my fascination and love for filmmaking started at an early age. I was constantly capturing our childhood shenanigans and I loved using my imagination to tell visual stories. Living in Ohio, I never thought a serious career in video would be possible; however, that all changed my second year of college when I had the opportunity to work on a feature film in Cleveland. As soon as I arrived on set, I witnessed a buzzing world of filmmakers, actors and artists bringing a film to life–and I felt something so certain in my soul. I believe God revealed His purpose for my life that day, and I immediately began soaking in every opportunity to learn. I eventually picked up a camera and taught myself everything I could about video production. Beyond taking a single video course in college, I primarily learned videography through first-hand experience on film sets and through practice, practice, practice! I owe this journey to God, and I’m so thankful He’s guided me through every step of my career.

2. What is your favorite thing as a videographer?

Oh goodness! There are SO many things I love about being a videographer, but my favorite part has been and will always be the ability to capture and share stories. Stories connect people. They preserve memory, bring meaning to our lives, and allow our legacies to live on. Video is such a powerful tool to tell stories because it immediately taps into two of our physical senses: sight and hearing, which then quickly affects our emotional feelings. So much of our decisions are based on our feelings and what we connect to; so video is very influential in how we remember things, what we buy, who we trust, etc. I could nerd-out VERY quickly about how I love finding music or weaving recordings together to compliment the visuals of my videos – but I’ll spare that for anyone who’d like to share a mug of cookie dough with me some day (yes, I said cookie dough). All in all, our lives are made up of stories. Each chapter is unique. Every story matters. So much of our lives are lived in a highlight-reel fashion; so when I get to sit with someone, hear the trials and triumphs of their business journey, witness a couple’s love on a wedding day, or listen all the way to the bottom of someone’s personal story, I know I’m getting an intimate view of that person’s life; and through the power of video, I know it can be cherished and shared with others who need to hear those stories.

3. Share with us one way that you love to use video as part of your experience.

Any time a couple or client inquires about my video services, I send them a personalized video message. I speak directly into the camera, address them by name, and thank them for reaching out. This allows them the opportunity to get to know me a little bit and connect with a face, rather than with text in an email. In a world flooded with technology and content overload, taking a moment to personally introduce myself is one way I like to let my couples/clients know that I care—not just about their video needs, but about them as individuals. It’s amazing to see and read people’s reactions after receiving my video introduction. Several people have expressed that I’ve “made their day” by taking the time to send them something special. Almost 100% of those who inquire with me choose to continue the conversation after receiving the video. I truly enjoy getting to know who I’m serving so I can provide them the best possible services. So utilizing customized video messages in my client experience is one small step for such a caring, impactful result!

6. If there is one thing that you would want your couples to feel or know what would it be?

I want people to know that everything I do is done with passion and joy in a heart-forward manner. I believe in the power and beauty of serving others. That’s why part of the proceeds from my video work go towards supporting local and global mission efforts. So when couples/clients allow me to tell their stories, they help to tell the one of someone else in need.

Extra: What would you like businesses to know about video and how you can serve them?

I absolutely adore my couples, but I’m also passionate about helping other businesses flourish. This is why I create promo videos/ads in addition to wedding films. Countless marketing research has proven video is one of the most impactful tools to convey a brand’s message because it tells AND shows information. Humans primarily associate memory with visuals and sound; so if a business can convey its message through those avenues, a client is more likely to remember that business. It’s not enough to just have a gorgeous video, though. The message behind the visuals must also be clear, relevant and easy to understand. Otherwise, clients will say, “that looked cool” and move on. This is where I’m really glad I received a degree in Communications where I learned the essentials of copywriting, marketing, words that convert, and so on. This background has give me a unique perspective for when I get to help businesses with their video marketing endeavors. Many businesses know they need video, but they don’t know where to start, what to say, or how to say it in a way that works for video. I’m able to help them craft and simplify their messages that actually WORK in the video world. Not only will viewers be drawn in by the visual, but they’ll feel compelled to reach out or know more about that business. I’m excited to share the knowledge I’ve learned over the years to help other businesses understand how video can help them grow!

Ashley’s Website HERE

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The Graceful Gathering Educator and Videographer | Ashley McComb

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