January 26, 2023

Inquiry Process for Wedding Photographers

Inquiry Process for Wedding Photographers

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We have a specifically designed inquiry process for when a couple inquires with us. Whether it be on instagram or directly through our website these are the steps we take to serve them.

When the inquiry comes through our website we immediately text them and let them know if we have their date available. The message includes a custom questionnaire to learn about their specific needs. Then we create a set of collections that is custom for them to choose from. 

When we email them back we make sure to genuinely respond to the answers in their questionnaire. We find things where we connect, deep dive into their story and truly listen to what they are sharing.

Next we ask, what do they want for a wedding photographer?

This helps us make sure we are the best fit for them. Next we share how we can serve them based on exactly what they are looking for.

From there we send over an email that includes our collections. Once they know which collection is the best fit for them, we share a proposal with them. Then some couples opt to do a phone call while other couples secure their date immediately. 

Once a couple has finalized their booking we then send them an email that has 5 specific onboarding steps to guide them through our overall experience.

This includes our online guide that is packed full of referrals, tips for planning their wedding and a link to our secret Cannon Couple Instagram page. Additionally, how they can contact us, the best time to contact us and our office hours. Finally what to expect from now through the wedding day so they have a better idea of what their overall experience will be.

We love connecting with our couples and think it is so important to have an open line of communication with them! It is important to be there to serve them every step of the way. We truly believe in customizing the experience so that it can best fit our couples needs!

I hope that this helps you as you either navigate through the inquiry process as a couple or as you customize your experience for your couples. 

Courtney and Robert Cannon are husband and wife wedding photographers located in Ohio service kind hearted wedding couples. They are the host of The Graceful Gathering, a style boutique conference for wedding photographers looking to impact couples for generations to come. 
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