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Positively impacting your client’s life for generations to come.

The Graceful Gathering  is a fully styled boutique conference specializing in education for wedding photographers. From the moment your couples discover you to years after you capture their wedding your ideal couple becomes a greater part of your community through the experience that you provide! Join us in walking through the development of your experience, workflow, and marketing techniques through this two day workshop!

This year’s attendees will learn from 10-12  different educators whose hearts desire is to share their knowledge with fellow photographers. Attendees will learn how to classify their ideal client, how to market to that ideal client while also making sure every couple has an heirloom album at the end of their experience.

We can’t wait to help you positively impact your couple’s lives for generations to come.


An Interview with Allison Ewing

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your business?
I’m a wedding & lifestyle photographer in the Cleveland area and I love to capture timeless, joyful images for my clients! When I’m not photographing weddings or cute families, you can find me in a yoga studio leading my students through poses to help them manage their stress and to help them feel good in their body.
2. How did you get into yoga?
When I was planning my wedding in 2011, I started having issues with anxiety and having what I now know to be panic attacks. The stress of finishing up college, working and planning my wedding was too much and a friend mentioned that I should try yoga to help with the anxiety I was feeling. I left my first class feeling like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and ever since then, I was hooked. After practicing yoga consistently for a few years, I told my husband that if I could help just one person feel the relief I felt from yoga, that becoming a teacher would be more than worth it. I signed up for my first training a month later. Since then, I’ve completed several trainings and have been teaching at several studios throughout northeast Ohio for the past five years.
3. What is your favorite wellness tip that you often share with photographers?
I’m a firm believe that if you’re not at your best, then your business can’t be at its best either. I’ve spoken with so many creatives over the last few years that say how exhausted and burnt out they are from their business. And the main reason for their burnout is because they don’t take the time to focus on themselves. However, if you find a way to incorporate self-care (whatever that looks like for you) and truly find time to spend on what makes you happy, that it will definitely show in the health of you and your business.
4. Do you have any tips that you love sharing with your brides as well?
The majority of the tips I give to my brides revolve around having a stress-free wedding day so they can spend as much time with their friends and family as possible. My favorite tip is to tell my brides to give themselves plenty of time on the morning of their wedding to relax and do something they love to do! Not having to rush and getting to enjoy your time with your girls is priceless and really makes a big difference in the resulting photos!
5. How often do you teach yoga classes?
I teach four yoga classes a week!
6. What is your favorite part about being a wellness educator for our industry?
My favorite part is giving other creatives the permission to focus on themselves. It’s so easy to let your self-care go when you have multiple deadlines, sessions, family obligations, etc on your to-do list, so having a gentle reminder that it’s absolutely necessary to carve out time for you, is priceless to me! I also love that I can provide photographers with a variety of stretches to help aching bodies after a portrait session or a wedding day as well as breathing techniques to get them through stressful times.

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